Citect SCADA - Find and Replace does not return search result from include project


01 March 2021

When working with multi layer include project, it is possible that a project (or more) within the hierarchy have a corrupted include.dbf. This might happen, but not exclusively, on a scenario where you are upgrading an established project from earlier version of CitectSCADA.

There is no direct way to determine which include.dbf from which project within the hierarchy is the corrupted one unless find and replace feature is tested on each project to see whether or not they return search result which entries are recorded in one of the included project.

If you believe or identify that one of your included project might have a corruption within its include.dbf, you can rebuild the include.dbf database from any project with the following steps:

1. Go to "System" folder in the project directory (default path is C:\ProgramData\Schneider Electric\Citect SCADA 2018\User).
2. Copy the empty INCLUDE.DBF
3. Go to the project folder which has the corrupted include.dbf.
4. Replace the include.dbf with the copied file from the "System" project.
5. Rebuild the include project entries from your Citect Studio -> Projects -> Includes.
Alternatively, you can use ProjectDBF Excel Add-in to re-enter the records in the include.dbf

If you are unsure which include.dbf is corrupted from your project hierarchy, you can rebuild each of the projects include.dbf within the project hierarchy.

Please contact Schneider Electric Software Technical Support Team for further assistance in rebuilding your include.dbf.