What are the points to consider when selecting an Altivar VSD?


29 September 2021

Motor current:
The continuous output current of the drive must be higher than the motor rated current.

The motor rated voltage must be within the drive voltage range.
Drives have different features available for different application. To summarize:
ATV61, ATV600 - High Performance Pump/fan/compressor applications
ATV71, ATV900 - High Performance Material Handling/machine applications
ATV312, ATV32, ATV320 - Simple or advanced Pump/fan/compressor/Material Handling/machine applications
ATV12 - Basic pump/fan/machine/material handling applications
All Altivar drives come with standard Modbus serial port. However other communication options are available via optional communication modules. These include Ethernet, CanOpen, Profibus, Profinet, DeviceNet, Modbus TCP
Degree of Protection:
The ATV600, ATV61, ATV900, ATV71 come with two different degree of protections.
ATV600/900 - IP21, IP55
ATV61/71 -  IP20, IP54