Data Publication Over a GPRS Modem on a Com'X 200


28 September 2021

Need to publish data over a GPRS modem on a Com'X 200.

Product Line
Com'X 200

GPRS modem communication

A GPRS modem with a SIM card must be plugged to the Com’X 200 for GPRS communication. The modem LED flashes every 5 seconds if correctly detected.

1. Click the Communication settings main tab.
2. Click the Network settings subtab.
3. Click GPRS only in the Network configuration dropdown list.
4. Type the APN provided with the SIM card.
5. Type the username, password, and PIN code if provided by the operator.
6. Click Save changes.
7. Check if the GPRS modem is activated.

The modem LED shall be static with a color that depends on the GPRS signal level as shown below:
NO LED: No modem detected
YELLOW (fast repeated flash): Modem detected
YELLOW (slow repeated flash): Modem not connected to a network
RED (constant): Weak signal level 
YELLOW (constant): Medium signal level
GREEN (constant): High signal level

Check the status of the GPRS modem and signal level on the banner.