How do you change harmonics with CET850?


29 September 2021

The MHAI LN (referencing harmonics values) uses a unique series of methods when compared to all other logical nodes for our IEC61850 implementation, and there are specific rules around datasets and report control blocks that are unique to this LN.

For the most part, each IEC61850 data object/data attribute is ‘mapped’ directly to an ION quantity, and as such you can pick a specific register (for example Volts Phase A) to capture in a data set. The MHAI module, however, is not that simple. As such, you cannot simply drop some of the MHAI data attributes into a data set. The individual harmonics are one example. 

Refer to attached IEC61850 Protocol document,on page 17,it makes the following statement: "Data sets cannot contain members that are harmonics, or whose 'doName' and 'daName' attributes are not configured."