Video: Program “Absence Detection” using Classic Configuration


15 April 2021

Absence detection sets the sensor to detect the absence of motion. If the lighting is on and the sensor detects the absence of motion, a timer is activated. When the timer expires and the sensor element still detects absence, a C-Bus command is sent to control lighting.
This video will step through Program “Absence Detection” using Classic Configuration, it this will cover those C-Bus sensors, 5753L, 5753PEIRL, 5754ODPE, 5754ODPEIR.
Product Line:
C-Bus Sensors: 5753L, 5753PEIRL, 5754ODPE, 5754ODPEIR
C-Bus Toolkit 1.15.2
Right click on the sensor and select “Open Unit in Classic” to open its GUI in Classic
Select a group from the “Virtual Key 1 Group” dropdown list
Click the  button to define the Expiry Time (5 minutes assigned by default) and click “OK”
Go to Key Functions tab and change the Short Press “On Key” on Key 2 column to “Idle”
A Confirm-12413 message will pop up
Click “NO” to keep the Occupancy events for this sensor
Click “Apply” or “OK”