How do I register for the MySE portal?


01 March 2021

In order to register with MySE, please ask your Manager to visit below link to register (Complete the form and Accept T&C). Schneider will receive an email notification and will activate the account within 24-48 hours and this first person will be the Account Coordinator.

For additional Staff Members: 
After activating the account, we will send the User Name, Password and Account number to the Manager (Account Coordinator)  so other staff members can use the account number and click on the link below to register.

Once the members have registered, the Account Coordinator can grant the access by logging into their MySE Account and click on 'User Administration' on the Left Side of the page.

Then Tick the 'Pending approvals Only' and Click ‘Find’ and approve access for staff members.

Please check the attachment for details.