How can I connect XBTN401/410 to my PC using Vijeo Deisgner Lite?


29 September 2021

There are two ways to connect these panels to your PC.
​Firstly, you can use the XBTZ915 cable connecting to the computer with a physical serial port.
Secondly, the USB adaptor should be applied if your computer does not have a physical serial port. The part number for the cable combination is TSXCUSB485 position 0: TER MULTI  +  XBTZ925(B). The connection is based on Uni-Telway protocol, position 0: TER MULTI must be set on the adapter. To test the communication for Uni-Telway driver, go to the driver manager to configure and test. Please refer to the following link for the configuration training video:
If the Uni-Telway driver has been configured and tested properly, you will be able to upload/download the programs from Vijeo Designer Lite.