How to set the RTU internal clock to the correct time via the SCADAPack?


30 September 2021

I am trying to set the RTU internal clock to the correct time via the SCADAPack E configurator à Transfer à Set RTU Time;
However, the remote device time remains the same.
Is there any other way to setup the RTU clock?


RTU is set to take the time from network with NTP from Time Server

Network Time Protocol (NTP) is a networking protocol for clock synchronization between computer systems and different controllers.

RTU can update its time by two methods:
1- Network Time Protocol (NTP) 
2- Local Connected computer with SCADAPack E Configurator.

If NTP option is checked, the user will not be able to set the time from SCADAPack E Configurator. 
Please follow the following steps to resolve the problem:
i) Open SCADAPack E configurator
ii) Connect to Controller
iii) Go to TCP/IP section and click on plus sign
iv) Select TCP/IP
v) Uncheck "NTP Network Time" from "Enable TCP/IP Services" sub-section

Download the configuration to RTU.
Now you can set the time from SCADAPack E Configurator by clicking on Transfer from the main menu and select "Set RTU Time"