What is the procedure to obtain new Software Licencing Authorization code?


18 October 2021

Customer needs to fill in following form and email to: SRC.AsiaPacific@schneider-electric.com, Software Registration Centre (SRC) for the new authorisation code.
Software Product: 
Serial Number: 

Code Entry Number:  
Computer ID: 

Company Name: 
Company Location (Site Name): 
Company Location (City): 
Company Country: 
Company Phone/FAX Area Code: 
Company Phone: 
Company Fax: 
Company Postal Code: 
Company Address: 
Registered User (future contact person) First Name: 
Registered User (future contact person) Last Name: 
Registered User (future contact person) Email Address: 

To obtain the Code Entry Number and the Computer ID, please follow the instructions below. 

1.  launch the Registration Wizard in the Schneider Electric Folder and choose one of the following preferred ways - by phone, by fax, by email. 
2. Click on <Next> and fill in the mandatory information. 
3. Click on <Next>  the Serial Number, Part Number, Code Entry Number and Computer ID are visible.