How to convert the Float 32 Format to decimal.


19 July 2023

End User needs to convert a Float 32 register value into a decimal number

ION and Powerlogic Meters

Arithmetic Conversion

Some registers are stored as Float 32 values. In order to make sense of that value we have to convert that number to a decimal value.

Float 32 values will take 2 registers, if you check in the Register List. 
  1. So, to start with convert the values separately in both the registers to Hexadecimal. 
  2. Now, use the below link and use the value in the registers in ascending next to each ​​​​​​

Below is an example of the process:

For Registers,
3000 - 5EF3
3001 - 4323

Input the hexadecimal box of the link as 0X5EF34323 to get the exact decimal values. 8.7644463E18

Attached document screenshot for further reference.