Video: How can the ATV320 be programmed for 2-wire control?


21 July 2022

ATV320 2-wire control programming

Product Line:
Altivar 320, ATV320


Setup, programming.


From main menu:
  1. Enter on dial to go to CONF and enter.
  2. Go down to FULL and enter.
  3. Go down to I_0- and enter.
  4. Set TCC for 2C for 2-wire control.
Now that the drive is set for 2-wire control, you can choose how you would like to set the 2-wire type:
If desired, set TCT to LEL instead of TRN for level control. 
Warning: Level control type is not appropriate for all applications. Please consider whether this is safe for your application. 
-In transition mode (trn), the drive will need to be powered up before a run command is given.
-In level mode (LEL), the run command can remain active, and the drive will run upon power up.
  If the run command is not active, the drive will wait for one in RDY status.