PDL 625C3 and 625C3/1 - which one has a 'debuzzer' controls


30 September 2021

Both the 625C3 and 625C3/1 speed fan control: Have 3 speed debuzzer fan control.
This capacitance based fan speed controller gives 3 speed control of ceiling sweep fans (eliminating annoying
buzzing and humming noises usually associated with fan controllers).
These have been discontinued with no replacement.
See link for further details:https://www.se.com/nz/en/product/PDL625C3WH/3-speed-%22no-hum%22-capacitor-ceiling-sweep-fan-speed-controller-switch%3B-white/
Can use alternative Ranges C2031VF3CSF-WE and 3041VF3CSF-VW
See below for details:
controller ceil swp fan3041VF3CSF-VW