Is there a PIR motion sensor mechanism in the Iconic Range?


19 October 2021

Yes there is a new sensor mech 
NZ PDL cat number is PDL352MPIR-TN  
AU Clipsal cat number is 41EPIRM-TN

The Iconic PIR (Passive Infrared) Sensor Module is suitable for automatic switching (Power Saving) or security
applications in domestic and commercial premises.
The Sensor has a 100° horizontal and 82° vertical field of view with a 5-metre range. Switching capacity is 750W
incandescent, 100W fluorescent, 150W LED and 100W motor ratings.
The sensor controlled light is switched ON when infrared radiation from a moving target is detected and OFF again
when movement stops and the pre-set time delay is reached. Time delay is adjusted between 10 seconds and 15
minutes. The Sensor has a lux (light level) adjustment.
The PIR is fitted with a red LED indicating that the device is sensing the target.