What is the cut-out for the 56FA flush mount surround?


30 September 2021

Solid and Cavity Brick Walls (Bracket Mounting)

Prepare wall by cutting hole

  • 90 x 90mm for 56FA1
  • 90 x 190mm for 56FA2
  • 90 x 285mm for 56FA3

Mount bracket to exterior wall using any suitable fixing device i.e.
thru bolts, fiber plugs, etc.
Remove adhesive backing sheet from gasket and adhere to inner
surface of flange. Mount modules to bracket through flange.
Note: 1. For soft or porous brickwork we suggest adhesive
anchored fixing.
2. When mounting to brick ensure all mortar joints are
sealed with suitable caulking compound.


Panel Type Walls (Bracket Mounting)

Prepare wall by cutting hole as described above for solid and
cavity brick walls. Mount bracket to wall using suitable hollow wall
anchors. Adhere gasket to flange and mount modules through
flange to bracket.
Note: If possible mount bracket to building frame i.e. wooden
noggins and studs with suitable wood screws.