Why is my drive not storing parameter changes after a power cycle?


07 July 2022

Parameter changes made to the drive over a network (ModBus, CANopen, etc) reset to default values after a power cycle.

Product Line:
ATV31, ATV312, ATV12, ATV61, ATV71

All part numbers.
Adjusments via network

Parameter changes are made to RAM and not to EEPROM

Adjustments made over the network are stored to the operating memory (RAM) in the drive so it will be lost after a power cycle.
To have the settings stored to the EEPROM the customer must set Bit 1 of the CMI (Extended control word; address 8504) to 1.
This bit will reset to 0 after a save had been completed.

NOTE: The EEPROM has a limit to the number of times it can be written.  This limit is 1,000,000 writes for the ATV312.  The  ATV12, ATV61 and ATV71 are limited to 100,000 writes.