How to control the Com3 (HMI) power on Scadapack3xx?


28 September 2021

Use the Default registers of the Scadapack 350 in Telepace Studio and the Controller LED power settings registers.

The Controller LED Power Settings module provides control of the power settings for the controller LEDs. The state of the assigned coil register is the default state for the LED power. The time to return to the Default State is contained within the assigned holding register.

The registers are initialized with the current value of the module parameters on power-up, and when the Register Assignment is downloaded to the controller. Thereafter the module parameters are updated continuously with data read from the assigned registers.

Time in minutes to return to the default state. Default value is 5 minutes.
Using the Sample attached Telepace Studio program.
In a minute the LED power will turn OFF. To control the COM3 HMI power in the Scadapack 350 Defaul register is digital output register 11 and to monitor is address digital input 10013.