Video: How to Configure an automated Energy Reset on an ION meter


06 March 2023

A user would like to configure an ION meter to reset energy values automatically every month.

Product Line
ION Meters
PM8000 series meter

ION Setup v3.0

ION meters do not automatically reset energy values by default.

*Warning: The following procedure contains customization of a device template. Take a backup of the current template prior to customization.

The following procedure details how to program the meter in ION Setup to reset energy values monthly:
  1. Add the device in ION Setup
  2. Right-click on the device > Properties > Tools > Select Show Advanced ION Setup
  1. Double click on Integrator Modules

  1. Select kWh del
*Warning: Modifications to inputs and/or setup registers of the Integrator Modules will reset recorded data. Please ensure that all necessary information has been recorded prior to making any changes.
  1. Identify the location of the Reset pulse (For ION8650: Nrm Egy Reset), after localization “Cancel” to close here, then navigate to the Pulse Merge Modules .

  1. Navigate to the Pulse Merge Modules
  1. Double-click on the module corresponding to the Reset pulse (Module Name: Module Merger # - Label: Nrm Egy Reset)
  2. If prompted password requests, type “0” by default
  3. Click on Pulse In 2 and select Edit
  1. In the ION Input Selection: Pulse In 2 windows, navigate to Clock Modules > Clock 1 > CL1 New Month.

  1. Click on Ok and Send the change to the device