What is the difference between the Surge Arresters reference 15597 and 16447


01 March 2021

The difference between the Surge Arrester references 15597 and 16447 is as follows:

1.) 15597 is a PF20 3Pole Fixed type Type 2 LV Surge Arrester.
2.) 16447 is a PRD20 3Pole Withdrawable type Type 2 LV Surge Arrester. 

Both are suitable to be used in low risk level and for use in TNC Earthing systems.

The difference is that 15597 at its end of life needs to be replaced as it is Fixed type, while 16447 at its end of life can be reused by simply replacing the cartridge as it is Withdrawable type, and the other major advantage is that the wiring does not get disturbed.