What terminals on an Altivar drive do I connect to a braking resistor?


23 January 2021

Braking resistor terminals on an Altivar drive

Product Line:
ATV312, ATV32, ATV61, ATV71, ATV630, ATV930, ATV320

All models, All serial numbers

Installation information needed.

Most drives include the Dynamic Braking transistor so the external braking resistor will be wired between the PA and PB terminals.  
There will either be a jumper or a DC choke connected between PA and PO.  It is important to make sure this is not removed because the drive will not function without it.
For the ATV12 and for high horsepower drives (ATV61, ATV71) an internal transistor is not included and would have to be added to the drive as an external module.  
For the ATV320 series, there are two types of drives.  The Bookcase (Part number ends with B) and the Compact (Part number ends with C).  For the B version, connect the resistor between terminals PBe and PB.  For the C version, connect the resistor between PO and PB.
The ATV600 family of drives cannot be connected to a braking resistor. And there is no PB terminal. 
Consult your specific drives Installation manual for details. 

Note: ATV900 series drives with part numbers ending with "C"  require an external braking unit, per attached.  Do Not short across PA+ and PC-.