Video: How can the type of stop be changed for the ATV312 (or ATV31) drive?


28 September 2021

Need to change the Stop Type on the ATV312 drive.

Product line:
ATV312, Altivar 312, ATV31

Product sold and used in United States.


The default setting for Type of Stop on the ATV312 drives is Ramp stop.

The options for stopping are:

  • Ramp
  • Freewheel
  • Fast Stop
  • DC Injection. 

Programming below is showing the drive code and in brackets, (text using the VW3A1101 remote HMI display)
To access the Stop Mode, go to the FUn- (Application function) menu, then StC- (Stop Mode) then Stt (Type of stop).  The options are:
- rNP (Ramp)
- FSt (Fast stop)
- nSt (Freewheel)
- dCI (DC Injection)

Please note that nSt (Freewheel), FSt (Fast stop) and dCI (DC Injection) can also be assigned to other logic inputs under the StC- (Stop Modes) menu.