What does "Connection in progress" mean on ATV630/ATV930 drives?


28 November 2022

Getting 'Connection in progress' on ATV630/ATV930 drives.

Product Line:
Altivar 630 Process Drive

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This issue indicates the keypad is getting power from the drive but it is not communicating with it.
This almost always indicates the communication settings for the port are no longer at default.
  1. If SoMove or webserver connection is available, check the Modbus HMI baudrate and format.  The keypad is fixed at 19200 baud are requires 8 bits, Even parity, 1 stop bit. Changes to the communication settings are only taken into effect after reset, so a power cycle may be required. d
  2. If the keypad is remote mounted, and plugged into the HMI port on the front of the drive, move the connection cable to the Modbus network port since (as shown above) the default settings are compatible. If the keypad communicates, navigate to the Menu 6: Communication and then set the Modbus HMI baudrate to 19200 and the format to 8E1.  After power cycling the drive, move the keypad back to it's original port. 
  3. You might have a loose HMI or a remote cable. Try re-seating the HMI and remote cable. 
  4. If you've confirmed baudrate and format are set properly and that power has been cycled to the drive, try a known good keypad.
  5. Make sure there is no control voltage drop or grounding issues.
If issues remain the drive may require repair or replacement parts so contact Technical Support for further assistance.