Example of converting object types from mimic script in ClearSCADA


28 September 2021


This sample program is intended to demonstrate one or more programming functions or methods and is presented as programming example only. Schneider Electric assumes no liability for the use or application of this example program or any portion thereof.

This example shows how an object can be converted from one type to another through a mimic script in ClearSCADA. In this particular example an analog point named "Analog Point" and located in a group named "Analog Point Group" is converted into an Internal Analog Point by changing its class to CPointAlgManual. Please review ClearSCADA Database Schema for a list of all classes in ClearSCADA.

Sub ConvertPointType

'Specify ClearSCADA Server object to connect to.
Set oServer = CreateObject ("Serck.ScxV6Server"

'Connect to ClearSCADA Server by providing the name of the ClearSCADA system and user logon information.
oServer.Connect "SystemName", "UserName", "UserPassword"

'Locate the object to be converted.              
Set oPoint = oServer.FindObject ("Analog Point Group.Analog Point")
'Change the class of the specified object to be the Internal Analog Point class.
oPoint.Convert ("CPointAlgManual")
End Sub

An object can only be converted to another object of a similar type. For example, an OPC Analog point can be converted
into an Internal Analog Point. However, an OPC Analog Point cannot be converted into an OPC Digital Point.