Example of accessing cell expressions of Data Set Row from mimic script in ClearSCADA


28 September 2021


This sample program is intended to demonstrate one or more programming functions or methods and is presented as programming example only. Schneider Electric assumes no liability for the use or application of this example program or any portion thereof.

The following example shows how a mimic script can be used to perform methods on a Data Set Row. This particular example calls the "GetCellExpr()" method to return the expression configured for a particular cell in the data set row in each particular instance of a template.

Sub GetDataSetRow

Dim oDataSetRow
Dim sDataSetRowExpr

Set oDataSetRow = Server.FindObject(Server.ThisObject.Parent.FullName+".Data Set Row")

sDataSetRowExpr = oDataSetRow.Interface.GetCellExpr("PointValue")

msgbox ("Data Set Row Expression is " & sDataSetRowExpr)

End Sub