What is Smart Systems?


28 September 2021

Product Line:
Smart Systems

Smart Systems is the next generation of communication for Square D Low Voltage Power Distribution Equipment. 

Smart Systems enables local or remote 24/7 real-time status, energy monitoring, and control of Square D low voltage Masterpact and PowerPact circuit breakers, power meters, and other monitoring devices.
Scalable Connectivity
  • Local Smart Systems Solution
For local stand-alone power distribution equipment Smart Systems presents real-time and historical trending data, allowing users to easily monitor their buildings' energy use and electrical system status with easy-to-use embedded Web pages.
  • Smart Systems with Asset Management Solution
Smart Systems works with Schneider Electric asset management solutions, both cloud-based and locally hosted software.  For example PowerSCADA Expert, Power Monitoring Expert and Power Manager (for BMS) are designed to utilize this data for connected and digitized solutions. Facility Insight software is designed as a cloud based energy management solution, also available from Schneider Electric.