Can I change the colour of the front of a Clipsal USB mech?


30 September 2021

Yes. The USBC-CAPS are available for the 30USBCM. They are a coloured cap to suit decor or identify type of power in a commercial environment. The are available in  Black (BK), Dark Blue (DB), Red (RD) or Arctic Silver (3A) .

A complete code (using the colour Cream as an example) would look like this: USBC-CAPS-3A


Please go to the website via the following links below and check under the Documentation Tab for more information.

Australia - https://www.clipsal.com/products/detail?CatNo=USBC-CAPS&itemno=USBC-CAPS-3A&backto=/search?q&tab-document-1=0
New Zealand - https://www.pdl.co.nz/products/detail?CatNo=USBC-CAPS&itemno=USBC-CAPS-3S&backto=/search?q&tab-document-1=0