Why is the Saturn ZEN series so expensive?


15 April 2021

The Saturn Zen series is apart of the premium range. It has a totally unique design. Some of its key feartures are:
  • Handy Smart Shelf option to hold your device while charging
  • Slim architectural design
  • USB charger option for fast and convenient charging
  • Pictogram icon options for easy identification 
  • C-Bus compatible switch options
  • Premium matte finish is resistant to fingerprints
  • One- to six-gang wall switches (with LED indicators)
  • One- to four-gang power outlets
  • Complete range includes wall switches, power outlets, data/communication plates, fan controllers, dimmers and cooker switches
For further information please visit https://www.clipsal.com/products/saturn-zen
       Saturn Zen DGPO With Single USB Charger