What happens to PWR terminal when using External 24V power supply in ATV61 or ATV71?


28 September 2021

Customer is using external 24V supply for the ATV61 or ATV71 drive.  Trying to determine if they need external 24V on the PWR safety terminal.

Product line:
ATV61, ATV71, Altivar 61, Altivar 71

All model, all serial numbers

External power being used.

The PWR terminal needs to have 24VDC on it, to prevent the Power Removal drive state.  The drives are supplied standard with a factory jumper from 24V to PWR.  If the customer is using external 24VDC, they can choose to include this with the external 24V by removing the factory jumper and applying 24VDC.  If they do not wish to use this safety circuit, they can leave the factory jumper in place.