How do you set up a run permissive on the S-Flex or ATV212 drives?


22 July 2022

Setting up a run permissive on the S-Flex or ATV212 drives. 

Product Line:
Altivar ATV212 and S-Flex


The ATV212 drive is not shutting down when they open the permissive input on R.

For an open type ATV212 -
Find F--- Extended menu and enter
Set F110 = 0 to remove the always active permissive
Set F112 = 1 to assign R logic input as permissive, active when high
Now when the R digital input drops out, the drive will stop outputting power and will display OFF.

For S-flex units -
The R input is factory set for the permissive function, as above.
For S-Flex without bypass, a permissive contact should be wired between P24 and R terminals, mounted on the DIN rail
For S-Flex with bypass, DIN terminals 1 - 2 and 2 - 3 have jumpers from the factory that are normally used for damper end switch or fire/freeze stat inputs.  If any of these is not being utilized, remove the jumper and add the permissive contact.
See attached files for generic schematics.