What solution is available for arc flash incident energy mitigation?


28 September 2021

Arc Flash mitigation

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

Prior to October 2015, the AMS system was used. Refer to FAQ FA176050 for more information on this option.
Since October 2015, the energy reduction maintenance setting (ERMS) system has been the preferred method of reducing arc flash incident energy.

The ERMS switch can be turned “ON” to reduce circuit breaker tripping time. This sets the instantaneous pickup to a pre-programmed value (default is 2xIn).
Basic components are:
  1. A Masterpact or Powerpact circuit breaker with a Micrologic P or H trip unit with a blue label on the upper right corner with the letters ERMS
  2. An I/O Module (Input/Output Programmable Module), LV434063
  3. A switch, ULP cable, and power supply
See attached for more information.