Where can I find programming assistance to set up an ATV61/ATV71 drive with an VW3A3316 Ethernet IP card using assemblies 21 and 71?


23 January 2021

Setup VW3A3316 on ATV61/71 using assemblies 21 and 71.

Product Line:
Altivar ATV61 and ATV71 with optional VW3A3316 option card


Basic set up assistance on using the Ethernet IP VW3A3316 card on the ATV61 or ATV71 drive.

 1st make sure that his Ethernet scanner module is set up for assemblies 21 and 71
Assembly 21= (output table) 2 words (4 bytes)
Assembly 71= (Input table) 2 words (4 bytes)

Drives programming has to be as follows:  there are no exceptions when uses these assemblies.
Menu 1.6
Ref 1 channel= com card
Profile = Separate
CMD switching= C312
CMD channel 1= com card
CMD channel 2=  terminal mode
Ref 2 switching =C313
Ref 2 channel 2= AI1 or AI2 (do not leave this blank)

Commands to start the drive will be bits 0, 5 and 6   or HEX 0061  or DEC 97
Speed command is in RPMs and is the 2nd word in the output table.