Are you able to retrieve the project files from a faulty CTC - C-Touch Colour Screen?


14 October 2021

Yes, you can retrieve the files from a C-Touch Colours Compact Flash Card.
This will include the PICED Project for the CTC aswell as the XML file used for the C-Bus Toolkit Project.

- you will need to remove the CTC from the installation and remove the CF Card from the top of the CTC, this is normally covered by a silver 'VOID' label.
- you will need to connect this CF Card to a multifunction USB card reader that supports a CF Card
- on the host PC you should see this as a removeable drive or USB drive, browse the contents and find the Clipsal folder and then PICED folder, you should see the project name .cta being the archive.
- alternatively you can file search the USB Device and look for *.cta to locate the file.
You are now able to import this into PICED on your Windows PC as a normal Archived PICED project/file.