What is the part number for a plug top with 2 flat pins and 1 round pin?


13 October 2021

The 439SL is a rewireable plug top with 2 Flat pins and a round Earth pin.

plg tp 3pn ltg 250v 10a in.pns

Please go to the following links below and check under the Documentation Tab for more information.

Australia - https://www.clipsal.com/products/detail?CatNo=439SL&itemno=439SL-WE&backto=/search?q=439SL&tab-document-1=0
New Zealand - https://www.pdl.co.nz/products/detail?CatNo=439SL&itemno=439SL-WE&backto=/search?q=439SL&tab-document-1=0