​What is the difference between the IFE (LV434001) and IFE Gateway (LV434002)?


22 September 2022

Distinguish between IFE switchboard server and IFE ethernet interface

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Smart Systems

The IFE and the IFE Gateway appear very similar (see picture below), but there is a difference.
  • The IFE (cat. no. LV434001) is the Ethernet interface for Powerpact and Masterpact circuit breakers.  Previous cat. no. was LV434010.
  • The IFE Gateway (cat. no. LV434002) is the Ethernet interface for Powerpact and Masterpact LV circuit breakers, plus a gateway for Modbus-SL (serial line) connected devices. Note that the IFE Gateway is also referred to as IFE Modbus, or IFE Server. Previous cat. no. was LV434011.

IFE and IFE-Gateway