Can you use the VW3A1101 keypad with the ATS48 soft starters?


02 November 2022

VW3A1101 keypad compatibility with the ATS48 soft starters.

Product Line:
Altistart ATS48


Needs to run a 50ft cable run using the VW3A1101 keypad and cat 5 cable to the ATS48 soft starter.

The VW3A1101 keypad is not compatible with the ATS48 soft starter.   The correct remote keypad part number for the ATS48 is VW3G48101.  The standard cable is 3 meters long.  We do not have any test data to support that you can run this cable with a repeater to get a longer cable run out of it.   You will have to test to see if the remote cable can mounted longer than 3 meters.