What is the ohmic tripping value of a PTC probe on an ATV58?


30 September 2021

The motor temperature is detected by PTC probes connected to the ATV58 drive via specific inputs (+10, AI3A, AI3B and COM) on extension card VW3A58201.

The drive's response is as follows:

At nominal temperature, the resistance measured between terminals AI3A and AI3B must be 1500 ohms, corresponding to a maximum of 6 probes (250 ohms at 20°C) or two sets of 3 (sometimes prewired in the motors).

The drive detects an OtF fault on the PTC probes if the impedance value measured on the specific inputs is such that Rprobe > 2000 ohm => Uprobe = 1.66 V.

The OtF motor overheating fault message is triggered indicating that  the motor temperature is too high.

The fault is cleared if the resistance of the probe circuit is such that: Rprobe < 1500 ohm => Uprobe < 1.3 V

Caution: It is necessary to observe the recommended wiring, as well as the resistance values: R = 10 kohm in series with the probe.

This product is no longer commercialised.