In what countries is Wiser Air available?


23 January 2021

In what countries is Wiser Air available?

Product Line:
Wiser Home Management System
Wiser Air Thermostat

Residential Home Energy Management

Wiser Air Thermostat North America model is intended to be distributed in the United States and Canada markets only.  Wiser Air should not be sold or installed outside of those 2 countries.

If a customer were to obtain a Wiser Air unit and install it in another country, the device may still work in terms of controlling HVAC.  With an internet connection, it should still be able to reach the Wiser Cloud.  The home owner would still be able to control the thermostat via the air.wiserhome.com website and mobile apps.  

However, there are other issues.  The Wiser Air website only allows one to register the device to a physical address in the USA or Canada.  Also, the selectable time zones of Wiser Air are only those of the USA and Canada.  European and Asian Timezones are not selectable.   Weather forecast and some other advanced features may not function correctly outside of the USA and Canada.