Which trip unit and BCM date code are configured for a 2 wire modbus system?


28 September 2021

BCM for a 2-wire modbus system

Product Line:
Molded Case Circuit breakers

Micrologic P and H firmware needs to be 2010-AK or later in order to set the BCM ULP to 2w+ULP mode.  
Also, the BCM ULP needs to have the gray connection point (the connector itself will still be green), which will have a firmware higher than 3.x.x.  

On a BCM configured for 4w Modbus, if jumpers are placed between E3 and E5, and between E4 and E6, and the mode is set to 4w on the trip unit, it will work as 2w without ULP.

Breakers shipped November 2015 and after have BCMs configured for 2w + ULP.  Date code approximately 15441 and later.