Is there a mobile app for the Wiser Home Management System?


18 March 2021

Is there a mobile app for the Wiser Home Management System?

Product Line:
Wiser Home Management System

United States and Canada

There are 2 Generations of Wiser Home Management System.  There are different apps for each one of them.  Also, there is a products from the Clipsal division of Schneider Electric called Wiser Home Controller for the C-Bus Lighting Controls System.  This product also has mobile apps with "Wiser" in the title.

The Wiser Home Management System was updated in 2015 with the release of the Wiser Air Thermsotat.  The modile app for this product series is titled "Wiser Air."   An image of the app from the Apple App Store is shown below. This app is also available for Android mobile devices.  A Windows Mobile App is expected to be released in 2016.  It is appropriate to use this app if you have a Wiser Air thermostat, part number WISERAIR10xxxxx, and have an account on the website https://air.wiserhome.com.

The 2013 first generation of the Wiser Home Management System used an app titled "Wiser Home."  This app and corresponding equipment have been discontinued and no are longer supported.

The Clipsal C-Bus Wiser system uses an app called "Wiser HD."   It is appropriate to use this app if your installation has a Wiser Home Controller, part number 5200PG.   Do not use this app with the Wiser Home Management Systems.