Wiser Home Management General Information


23 January 2021

What is the Wiser Home Management System?
How does Wiser Home Managament Work?

Product Line:
Wiser 1.0.  Wiser Generation 1
sold between 2013 and 2015

Residential Homes,  United States and Canada

General Information


The Resolution described here is current as of May 2015

The Wiser system is a network of devices that make residential homes use less energy.  They do not prevent energy loss in the same way that efficient windows, doors, and insulation.  But they can make a home less wasteful of energy.  
The Wiser System consists of 3 types of devices:  Thermostats, Power Monitors, and Load Control Relays.    These devices talk to each other and the Coordinator Gateway via ZigBee radio.  The Coordinator Gateway sends data and receives commands via the internet.   Thus, a home owner can program his thermostats, monitor power usage, and control loads via the web portal or mobile app.
Wiser System can be sold on the the open retail market and it is also distributed through utility companies implementing Demand Energy Response programs.   Wiser Systems that are sold and distributed through utility companies will be connected and react to Demand Energy Events by that utility company.   For example, on a hot summer day when the electric grid is at max capacity, the utility company may command the participating Wiser Systems to adjust their thermostat temperature setpoints up 3 degrees to reduce the HVAC loads and relieve the burden on the power grid.
Wiser Systems sold through retail channels would not be connected to any utility program and would never receive Demand Energy Response commands. 
If one were to install a system today, one would need a Wiser Coordinator to start, EER21200.  Every system must have one of those.  It serves as a hub and communication gateway to the internet.  One could add Power Monitors, Thermostats, and Load Control Devices as he wishes.  Add up to 10 devices to a single Coordinator. 
There are 3 Thermostats for Wiser, EER56000, EER56100, and EER58000. 
There are 2 versions of Power Monitors:  part numbers are WISERJLPM200 and WISERCTPM200.   Both can monitor 200 Amp circuits.  JL can only monitor a single 240V circuit with 2 CTs.    The CT unit can accept 4 CTs.   It can monitor 2 240V circuits, 4 120V circuits, or any combination.   The CT unit was just very recently released so it is not on the Parts List attachment.
There are several devices for switching circuits  on and off.  See the Parts List
I have also attached some marketing materials of Wiser.  Note that they show possible interfaces to Solar Inverters, EV Charging stations and Security Systems.  These are not available at this time. 
Frequently Asked Questions:
Where can I purchase Wiser Components?
Electrical contractors can purchase through Schneider Electric Dealers such as Graybar, Grainger, CED, and many others.  Retail customers can purchase through HomeDepot.com and Amazon.com
Is there a monthly fee?
Most features of Wiser are free including Power Monitoring and Thermostat control.  Some features such as Switching of Load Control Devices require a subscription to the Premium Plan
Can I demo or view Wiser System on the web?
The  web portal is www.wiserenergy.com.  
You can login to a demo account with Username Wiser320,  Password:  wiser11.    
There is a youtube playlist showing all aspects of the Wiser System:  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLv1zq8ADLVVF8suI3lSD8th2XcQ0Vl7dG