Video: What would cause the ATS48 to show RDY even with a run command?


29 August 2022

Troubleshooting a RDY (ready) status following a run command on the Altistart ATS48 Soft Starter by verifying supply voltages and wiring with a multi meter.

Product Line:
Altistart ATS48

All models

The Soft starter is stuck on RDY and will not run with a run command.

Confirmed that the +24V supply is still there.  Measure between 24V and COM on soft start.  If necessary remove wires off the terminals.
If in 2 wire control mode, make sure you have 24vdc on Run and Stop.
If you are doing 3 wire control make sure you have +24vdc on Stop and you are pulsing Start to get the soft starter to start.  Stop is normally closed and start is normally open push button contacts.
If you are doing NET control over a network  you will need to make sure +24vdc is supplied to the Stop input at all times.