What is a Cradle Communication Module (CCM)?


23 January 2021

How is a the Cradle Communication Module (CCM) installed and used?
Product Line:
Masterpact NT and NW and Powerpact P Frame Drawout Breakers
Schneider Electric Switchboard and Switchgear, OEM Applications that employ Drawout breakers
Need to maintain serial Modbus RTU communications in a network when a drawout breaker is removed for servicing or replacement.
The optional Modbus cradle communication module (CCM) is installed adjacent to the circuit breaker cradle and is the gateway between the Modbus network and the Modbus BCM. The Modbus CCM provides circuit breaker cradle status including connected position (CE), disconnected position (CD) and test position (CT). The CCM monitors the communication parameters of the Modbus BCM and trip unit when it detects a circuit breaker being racked from the cradle. When the circuit breaker is reinstalled or a spare circuit breaker is installed and racked into the cradle, the CCM automatically downloads the address, baud rate, and parity into the BCM. This capability allows a circuit breaker to be replaced without the need to manually configure the communication parameters in the Modbus BCM.
The CCM maintains an event log of the date and time of the last circuit breaker transition. In order to aid system communication troubleshooting, the CCM has visual indication of the module’s operating status by means of two LEDs.
Catalog Number - S48377

See instruction bulletin, 48049-151-01 Modbus Cradle Communication Module