What does the RDY status mean on the ATV61 and ATV71 drives?


17 May 2022

RDY status meaning on the ATV61 and ATV71 drives.

Product Line:
Altivar ATV61 and ATV71


Drive will be running for minutes then go back to RDY mode

RDY means the drive is waiting to get a run command in order to run.  Please check your command type in menu 1.6 or look at the HMI to see if the command type is terminal, HMI or NET.
In 2 wire control, you will need to maintain a constant +24vdc on the LI1 to make the drive run forward.
In 3 wire control, you will need to have your NC stop wired into LI1 and your NO start wired into LI2.   If the drive is running and you open NC stop then the drive will go back to RDY.