Trace SW turns the generator on but then it turns off right away.


28 September 2021

Trace SW Inverter/Charger is not controlling the generator correctly

Problem: The Generator start relays are not turning on and off the generator properly
Solution: Determine whether generator has 2-wire or 3-wire start configuration.
Ex.(1) If the generator is 2-wire, meaning it starts and runs when wires are connected and shuts off when the wires are disconnected (from each other),  set to Run.  
RY7 Common and RY7 N.O. (Normally Open) contacts remain closed while generator is running.
Ex.(2)  If the generator is 3-wire, set to Glowstop, then RY7 remains open while the generator is running. RY8 is used for cranking.
Refer to relay timing chart on pg.78 of attached manual.
When the SW loses DC power, the mode goes back to Run by default.