Video: Wiser thermostat temperature calibration


28 September 2021

It is suspected that the Wiser Thermostat temperature measurement values are not correct.  Is it possible to calibrate the Wiser thermostat temperature?

Product Line:
Wiser Home Management System United States or Canada models only
EER56000, EER56100, EER58000

Residential, United States or Canada

Any concern that the Wiser Thermostat temperature is not accurate should be confirmed by placing another thermostat or other temperature measurement device near the Wiser thermostat and comparing the temperature values.  

The thermostats have a temperature calibration function that allows the user to set an offset value several degrees.  The owner of the thermostat can program an offset value to make adjust the thermostat temperature measurement to match the measurement of another device.  Play the appropriate video below to see how to  program the temperature offset value.

Wiser Thermostat EER56000 and EER56100 Temperature Calibration

Wiser Thermostat EER58000 Temperature Calibration