What would cause the ATS48 and/or the external HMI to randomly and continuously cycle or scroll through menu selections?


28 July 2022

Random and continous cycle through menus on ATS48 and/or external HMI.

Product Line:

All models

Display and/or HMI display is unstable

The HMI (keypad) could be scrolling, or the Soft Starter's display could be scrolling. Or they could BOTH be scrolling. 
This typically indicates a problem with the control circuitry or keypad button.
  1. Unplug the cable from the Soft Starter's Modbus port and power-cycle. If the display on the Soft Starter is now functioning properly, the keypad (VW3G48101) and/or cable need to be replaced.
  2. You can also try reseating the ribbon cable between the control board and power board. Remove line voltage AND control voltage before performing these steps.
    • Remove the four screws holding front control board and pull the control board off slowly
    • Re-seat both ends of the ribbon cable connecting the control board to the power board. Make sure the cable is connected firmly
    • Return line voltage and control voltage to the soft starter
If the integral display continues scrolling (after performing the above steps), replace the control board, part number VX4G481.