Wiser Power Meter readings are negative or missing? What is wrong?


29 September 2021

Wiser Power Meter readings are negative or missing?  What is wrong?

Product Line:
Wiser Home Management System
Generation 1.0 (2012 to 2015)
Wiser Power Monitor WISERJLPM200

Residential Home in North America

There are a few different root causes and corrective actions that might apply to missing or negative power readings from a WISERJLPM200 meter.


1.  Make sure that the Power Meter is correctly installed and powered.  It must be connected to 2 phases of power.  The lights A and B on the Power Meter should be either solid red or solid green.  If this is not true, consult installation documents for WISERJLPM200.  

2.  Make sure that the Power Meter is joined to the home Wiser Network.  On www.wiserenergy.com, check the Settings Tab, Device List.   If the Power Meter is not in the list, try to connect to it.  See Account Setup FA225429.  If the Power Meter is correctly joined to the Wiser Network. the Zigbee light on the Power Meter will be solid green. 

3.  In a normal installation, the A and B lights on the Power Meter should both be green.   If the CTs are installed backward or crossed phases, then both lights A and B will be red.  In this case, the Power Meter will always read a negative value.   This situation can be corrected by Wiser Tech Support.  Submit a support ticket through www.wiserenergy.com or contact tech support at 
888-320-9158 or 855-559-4737

4.  If one of the A or B lights is green and other is red, then one for the current transformers (CTs) is installed backwards.  This can only be corrected by an electrician who must access the CTs inside of the breaker panel and correct the installation.  The arrows that are etched into the CTs must both point in the same direction.

5.  If the house has solar generation or other renewable energy source of sufficient size that the power sometimes flows in reverse to the grid, then the Power Use Now readings will be negative at those times.   The energy graph on www.wiserenergy.com does not support negative power flow.  The energy graph will show zero for these times.

Please review the Wiser Power Monitor Wiring Application Guide for more details.