Is there a way to determine if I have a problem with the drive or the motor?


19 October 2021

Determining if the drive or the motor is the problem

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Altivar Machines

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This answer depends on the problem you are having.  One way to determine if it is a drive or motor problem is to perform a voltage balance test. To perform this test you must have a volt meter that can measure true RMS.  The drive will need to have the output phase fault turned off. Set the motor control type to V/F 2pts and try running the drive without the motor connected at 15, 30, 45 and 60hz.  If it can run using a voltage meter measure the voltage between each phase of the motor at a low, medium and high speed.  If the voltages are balanced between each phase at each speed the drive is probably not the cause of the problem. 

If the Drive checks out ok you can remove the motor leads and using a 1KV megger you can megger out the motor leads and the motor phase to ground to see if you have any shorts.