What replaces the IMC card part number VW3A3521S0?


07 April 2022

Is IMC Card with Part Number ending in "SO" obsolete?

Product Line: 
IMC PLC Card, Altivar 61, Altivar 71, ATV61, ATV71

Only the SO version of the card is absolute

The IMC Card part number that ended in SO is now obsolete. This is because it was intended for SoMachine 3.0 which you had to purchase additional libraries for (i.e. Pump, Packaging, Hoisting, etc.).

The current IMC Card is still available and the difference is that the part number no longer has ..SO on the end since SoMachine 4.0+ now includes all libraries. That is the only difference.

Any specific questions regarding programming can still be referred to North Andover Automation Group.

NOTE: When they upgrade to 4.0 they automatically get the Libraries on the older cards, so purchasing an upgrade is not required if the customer already has the ..SO version cards.