What is the function of the Test/Normal switch on some of the enclosed drive packages?


25 March 2022

Test/Normal function switch on the enclosed drive packages

Product Line:
Enclosed E-flex, S-flex, ATV660, ATV680, ATV960, ATV980, MCC installed and Custom enclosed drives (ISC build)

Units built for sale in the US and Canada that are equipped with a line side isolation contactor AND full voltage bypass options.

Customer needs clarification of this drive feature.

The Test/Normal switch is used to place the drive in test mode so that it can be tested for proper operation. In Test mode, the drive functions normally and should respond to all commands, but it does not pull in the output contactor that connects the motor to the drive. This allows you to test the function of the drive without powering the motor. 

Also, certain enclosed drives equipped with line side isolation contactors will not have power to the drive until a run command is issued. You can put the Test/Normal switch into the test position to power the drive without a run command, in order to make programming changes if needed.