What is the function of the Output Contactor Command feature of the Altivar 61/71 series drives and how is it configured?


28 September 2021

Set up of the Output Contactor Command feature of the Altivar 61/71

Product Line:
Altivar 61 and Altivar 71 series drives.

All models, All serial numbers.

Clarification of this function is needed.

The Output Contactor Command function of the ATV61 / ATV71 series drives is designed to manage an isolation contactor that is placed between the output of the drive and the motor.  This is an optional contactor, but if it is used, the timing of its opening and closing must be managed properly to prevent potential damage to the drive or false triggering of fault detection.  Output Contactor Command is designed to manage this contactor for you.

Output Contactor command can use any logic output, or R2, or AO1 terminal (configured as digital out) to manage opening and closing of your contactor.  It can also make use of an auxiliary contactor on your output contactor to provide feedback to the drive confirming the state of the output contactor.

*Note: If you intend to use R2 relay to control your output contactor, you must first make sure that it is not already assigned to another function.
From the main menu, highlight Drive menu and press enter.
Scroll down to menu 1.5, Input/Output configuration and press enter.
Scroll down to R2 configuration and press enter.
If R2 is already assigned to another function that must be used, consider using one of the available Logic Output terminals or the Analog Output terminal which can be configured as a logic output (DO1 assignment).
If R2 Assignment is not set to No, but is not already being used for another function, Highlight R2 assignment and press enter, then scroll to No and press enter.

Output Contactor Command has four parameters associated with its configuration and function.  They can be found under the OUTPUT CONTACTOR CMD menu under the APPLICATION FUNCTION menu.

From the main menu, highlight menu 1, Drive menu and press enter.
Scroll down to menu 1.7, Application function and press enter.
Scroll down to Output Contactor Command and press enter.

The first parameter is Output Contactor CMD.  Set this parameter to the output you intend to use to close your output contactor. R2, LO1, LO2, LO3, LO4 or DO1

The second parameter is Output contact. fdbk. This is an optional function, if you do not have a feedback contact from your output contactor, leave this set to No.  If you have an auxiliary contactor on your output contactor, you can use this as a feedback to the drive to let the drive know when the contactor is closed.  Note that this is an active low function.  When your output contactor is fully closed, this connection should open.  

The third parameter is Delay to motor run.  This time should be set to the time you want the drive to wait after a run command is issued before sending power to the motor.  This is a time delay to allow the output contactor to fully close before the drive sends power to the motor.    If you have Output Contact fdbk assigned to anything other than no, the drive will display FCF2 if the contactor has not closed at the end of this delay.

The fourth parameter is Delay to open cont.  This parameter sets the time in tenths of seconds that the contactor will remain closed after the run command is removed from the drive.  This should be set to a time greater than what it takes your motor to come to a complete stop after the run command is removed.   If the feedback contactor from your output contactor has not indicated that the output contactor has opened before this time delay ends, the drive will display FCF1 fault.